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Compassion Connects The Series

Documentary filmmaker Tristan Stoch returns to Nepal in 2015 to follow up on his 2012 work Compassion Connects. This new series of seven short films focus on Acupuncture Relief Project’s current work in rural Makawanpur Nepal. 

During our premiere screening in Portland Oregon, several guest speakers shared personal stories about their experience in Nepal. Some of these stories have been shared here. Please Enjoy.  

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The Interpreters

For me, meeting the local interpreters, acupuncture students and our cook, and getting to know them on a personal level, has been the most amazing experience.

The high unemployment rate in Nepal means that many young people try to seek opportunities abroad and are likely to end up exploited as cheap labour. The average yearly wage of a Nepalese is $240USD and for many, going on a holiday is but a dream. I had a chance to listen to the stories of some of the youth I met and worked with.  Prior to working for ARP, some were unemployed or had unstable low paying jobs, and pursuing higher education was something that they couldn’t all afford to do. Seeing their potential, ARP offered them a meaningful way to earn money and contribute back to their communities. Here are their stories:

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Context is everything

Time is flying by and we have less than a week before this camp’s rotation is over and the clinic will close until September.  The first week or so here was a mad scramble to work out how to treat two to three times more patients than I would normally see in a day; how to work through an interpreter; how to modify my intake for this population to get the information that I need; and how to screen patients for more serious health issues than I would come across at home.  I became more comfortable with this dance, allowing me to really focus on assessing the effectiveness of the treatments and what could be done to get patients into the best possible shape before we leave.

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The Pushing Away, Pulls You In.

When it's all said and done, leading a team in any capacity is not an easy job. Being a medical volunteer here also stretches each of us. I thank my team for working from day one in a new remote town, and also a new clinic! Yes, newness can bring challenges, but, like any spiritual growth, there is major relief that comes only pushing through the most climactic and painful time. It's like sitting down to meditate and you are faced with all the itches and discomforts in your body. You want to jump up and scream and run from it, but you know, only sitting a few moments longer will bring the most blissful freedom you can imagine. 

Read more: The Pushing Away, Pulls You In.

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