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After 15 clinic days our team has provided 1100 acupuncture treatments to over 600 patients. We have had such amazing success at relieving chronic pain, severe headaches and some neurological issues that we have graduated many of our patients on to maintenance treatment schedules. We are now seeing far more complicated cases including gastric ulcers, skin rashes and lesions, congestive heart failure and angina, astronomical numbers of hypertension cases, injuries from physical abuse, and many cases involving malnutrition.

One of the most difficult things we are seeing are patients who have had tuberculosis and have undergone 10-12 months of multi-drug treatment. Between the destructive nature of the disease and the toxic effects of the long-term treatment, these patients have had every system in their bodies ravaged. We hope that with regular acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine, dietary changes and excercise we can slowly help them recover some of their vitality.

We have all settled into a more sustainable treatment pace of about 80 patients per day. This pace allows us to spend more time with each patient while still providing enough treatment capacity to meet the communities needs. It also allows us to take care of ourselves with regular meals and enough rest (something we were certainly lacking the first week or so). We have also found the best shop in town to drink Nepali tea.

Thanks for your continued support... we have enjoyed all of the email! --Andrew

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